Friday, December 23, 2016

The Impact of "Fake News" Summed Up Nicely

This article says what needs to be said:

Key excerpt:

And the weirdest part is that all these observations are somehow considered a partisan bias. There are people who will read this and conclude that I'm just some "butthurt libertard/cuckservative who can't get over Pepe Trump's victory." But I don't give a wheeling turd about Hillary or Ted or Jeb. I'm a professional fucking news researcher who observed a president-elect use xenophobia and bullying to gain media traction, lie pathologically to the American people, joke in private about sexual assault, incite harassment against private citizens, get put into power through piles of bipartisan evidence of influence from Russia (after he publicly asked them to hack America), and already begin to muck our relationship with China -- possibly leading to hostile actions.

Read it all and be enlightened.

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