Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Can You Understand Why I Go Crazy Sometimes?

THIS is enough to make any decent person outraged. The author of this article is Jewish, and the comments made to her after her participation in the Standing Rock protests were very real :

Some of the delightful comments she received:

“The ugly kike Erin Schrode from Marin County hilariously got shot by a rubber bullet as she was making trouble on the behalf of the low-IQ redskins in North Dakota.”
“I’m just sad the bullets were rubber, like the world needs another Talmudic anti human psychopath.”
“Bullets don’t work on these rodents. Try Zyklon B.” Zyklon B is the toxic gas which Nazis used to kill Jews en masse in concentration and extermination camps throughout Germany.
“You were shot because you are a filthy kike. It’s obvious. Maybe, anuddah shoah just has begun.” I was born Jewish. My mother is Jewish. I identify as Jewish. In the eyes of neo-Nazis, that is reason enough to mount a relentless campaign. My being shot at Standing Rock spurred a new wave of evil, which I only learned of when an email with the subject line “you got shot! lol” appeared in my personal inbox. “Dumb parasite jew. Hilarious!” it read, with a link to a chatroom boasting hundreds more despicable comments and bastardized images.

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