Monday, November 21, 2016

A Deeply Ironic Fact

President Obama made it possible for millions of workers making less than $47,000 a year to get time and a half pay for overtime. Trump and the Republican congress may reverse the rules that made that happen. The story is here:

The thing that's so ironic is this: a lot of Trump voters benefit from this rule. So they just voted to screw themselves. These same voters usually hate Barack Obama, who helped them out.

No, I do not understand how these people "think".


Reality: "Trump is going to cut your Social Security, health care, government services, put toll roads everywhere, take away your overtime pay, turn women into breeding sows by attacking family planning and the right to choose, roll back civil rights by 65 years, create an oligarchy, eliminate environmental laws that have cleaned up air and water, accelerate climate change, remove consumer and workplace protections, cut banking regulations, kill the concept of protected areas by opening up all federal land (including national parks) to greed, lay siege to the First Amendment, attack the press, infringe upon religious freedom and fracture America right up the middle of every single possible dividing line you can think of. All while using the White House to attack his enemies and personally enrich himself and his friends in a continuation of what are already egregious conflicts of interest."

Trump voter: "But...but...emails!!"

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